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Matrimonial and Family Law

  • We have wide and extensive experience in dealing with divorce and separation, cohabitation, disputes concerning children and injunctions. As far as the financial and property aspects of divorce and separation are concerned, we have dealt with a wide range of cases varying from those with modest assets and property to cases involving property worth many millions both in this country and abroad and involving complex company structures. Our solicitors practicing in this area pride themselves on giving clear, understandable and practical advice at what is almost always a stressful and emotional time. We emphasise the importance of the parties trying to resolve disagreements either about money or about their children between themselves particularly where children are involved. Where this is not possible, we have considerable experience in taking cases, including very complex ones, to contested final hearings.

    We adhere to the code of practice of Resolution, previously known as Solicitors’ Family Law Association.

    We refer clients to Mediation and support the Mediation Process where appropriate and agreed by both parties.

    We offer in most cases a fixed fee for interview for the first meeting.